Fort Reno 2020

Submissions now open

Submissions can be mailed or dropped off between now and March 21st. If you have any difficulty with getting in a physical demo package, let me know.

Fort Reno Concerts
c/o Amanda MacKaye

645 S. Florida Street
Arlington, VA 22204

Submissions now open

Introduce your band and music in a way that is creatively comfortable for you and expresses who you are and why you want to play the park. Revel in the moment that you/your band can be more than a neat & tidy folder with papers in it; just don’t forget to include your name and contact information. Home burn CD’s are perfectly acceptable, but please provide more than one song and that the disc will play. We don't book cover bands and ask that bands not play cover songs in their set.

We are dedicated to supporting the music life of Washington, DC. Only artists from this area are eligible for consideration. Currently that is defined as within the Capital Beltway. All music styles are encouraged and welcome, however from year to year the aim of the series may change and that can drive selections.

Shows will be happening, as always, on Mondays and Thursdays; the number of shows I can book is dictated by budget more than anything else. Music is 7 to 9:30 PM but the park is open for folks to be present for the pre-show festivities which will include cleaning the park and loading gear; the perfect backdrop for your dining experience.

This is the 52nd anniversary of free concerts in Fort Reno Park. Please consider donating for this summer and summer days in the coming years. Part of the mission of the concert series is to keep it about the music and the players by way of keeping it commercial free and only “brought to you by the people who love it.”

If you have any questions, drop me a line. amanda(at)