Fort Reno

June 1, 2022

Everything is on track for the summer shows. We will be starting later than usual this year, opening night will be Monday July 18. Thanks to generous donations we are doing eight shows this year. The schedule is still under construction and will be posted here when complete.

We had a lot of submissions for the 2022 season and it was great to see how much music is being made in the DC area these days. Over the years the amount of submissions has fluctuated and though we have never had to few, it has been quite a while since we had this many: roughly three times the number of bands we can book this year.

Thank you for supporting the Fort Reno Concert Series. We are excited for another summer of free shows in the park!

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FB - @FortRenoDC


While we still don’t know if the concerts will happen this year, you can still show your support by making a donation and in return getting one of these great gifts as a show of our gratitude.

  • White Fort Reno T-shirt depicting a Microphone


  • Red Fort Reno T-shirt depicting a cicada


  • Green Fort Reno T-shirt depicting a person holding an umbrella


  • Black Fort Reno T-shirt depicting a hand holding an ice cream cone

    50th Anniversary

  • A post of a hand drawn person tuning a guitar


  • Leon smiling for the camera at Fort Reno

    Donate to the Leon Rosenman memorial fund