Fort Reno

Call for entries

The concert series is cranking up the engine and getting ready to go full steam ahead to SUMMER 2023! We are looking forward to seeing everyone in the park and hearing what music is coming our way.

The submission window will be open now until March 25th. Local musicians, groups, bands or ensembles are invited to mail or drop off music if you have it on vinyl, tape or cd. If you don’t have a physical format of your tunes, please email me to discuss.

Mail records, tapes and CDs to:

Amanda MacKaye/Fort Reno Concerts
645 S. Florida Street
Arlington, VA 22204

Introduce yourself/selves and music in a way that is creatively comfortable for you and expresses who you are. I’d like to hear what interests you about participating in the Fort Reno Concert Series and I encourage you to revel in the moment that you/your band can be more than a standard press kit. I’m more interested in who you are than what you have done, so press clips and such aren’t necessary. Don’t forget to include your name and contact information.

The concert series is dedicated to building, supporting and replenishing the music life of the DC area by providing a performance opportunity for players of all ages. All are welcome.


Please send any questions to