Fort Reno 2021

2021 Show schedule

ALL SHOW TIMES ARE 7:00pm-9:00pm

The Fort Reno Concert Series is run 100% on donations. Bands and people volunteer their time, skills and talent to make it all happen. But it does have expenses for necessary elements like sound & security. Please consider what these shows are worth to you and donate what you can afford. As a show of our gratitude we do have some great gifts to offer.

  • White Fort Reno T-shirt depicting a Microphone


  • Red Fort Reno T-shirt depicting a cicada


  • Green Fort Reno T-shirt depicting a person holding an umbrella


  • Black Fort Reno T-shirt depicting a hand holding an ice cream cone

    50th Anniversary

  • A post of a hand drawn person tuning a guitar


  • 2021 Limited edition shirt depicting a cicada. Shirt is white. Font is red. The cicada is black and white with red eyes

    2021 Limited Edition

  • The 2021 Limited Edition T-shirt is ONLY AVAILABLE to order until 11:59pm on 9/27/21. We are only making as many shirts as we get orders. Shirts will ship beginning on 10/18.

  • Donate $25 or more - Fort Reno T-shirt

    Cotton t-shirt featuring a design by Ryan Nelson . Choose from Microphone, Cicada, Van, or 50th Anniversary.

  • Donate $30 or more - Fort Reno Poster

    A 19x25 poster designed by Ryan Nelson and printed by Matt Michel.

  • Donate $65 or more - Fort Reno Vintage T-shirt Design Bundle

    All three of Ryan Nelson ’s vintage Fort Reno t-shirt designs -- van, cicada, and microphone.

Please be sure to include your address and shirt size in the note with your donation. Items are mailed through USPS. Please contact Amanda with questions.